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We specialize in Film and TV Production, New Media, and Business Solutions for the Atlanta metro area, with the flexibility to travel.

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Step into the future with Cinema-Styles, a trailblazer in digital content creation. We redefine online experiences through top-tier content for platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and TikTok. Elevate your brand presence and connect globally with our captivating vlogs and podcasts. Your story takes center stage in this exciting era of media evolution. Join Cinema-Styles for pioneering content that stands out worldwide.

Embark on a cinematic journey with Cinema-Styles, where storytelling meets cutting-edge technology. Specializing in feature films, documentaries, shorts, TV productions, and commercials, we cater to all your audiovisual needs. Cinema-Styles is your dedicated partner, ensuring a polished and impactful final product. Enhance your storytelling with us, where every frame is a masterpiece and every narrative is an unforgettable journey.

Unlock your brand's potential with Cinema-Styles, where video production shapes an unforgettable identity. Beyond conventional approaches, we craft visually compelling narratives that captivate and resonate with your audience, breathing new life into your business. With us, your story becomes a powerful tool. Elevate your specialty with Cinema-Styles – captivate, connect, and leave a lasting impression.


 The Prep 

Activities involved in preparing for a project include consultations, script development, planning, and all necessary arrangements before the actual shooting begins.


Consultations: The Cinema-Styles team stands ready for communication through various channels, including calls, text messages, and emails, ensuring seamless support throughout the project lifecycle. Production Scheduling: We meticulously craft a comprehensive timetable delineating the strategic allocation of resources indispensable for the film's production, thereby optimizing efficiency and execution. Story Development: Our focus on story development guarantees a narrative arc that intricately weaves a compelling beginning, nuanced middle, and satisfying conclusion, fostering depth and resonance within the cinematic experience. Shot Planning: Employing a finely crafted screenplay as our guiding blueprint, we strategize the sequence of shots, choreographing each scene to encapsulate the essence of your vision effectively. Equipment Acquisition: Committed to delivering excellence, we prioritize the continuous enhancement of our inventory, ensuring it remains at the vanguard of industry standards, thus smoothly facilitating the production processes for superior outcomes. Custom Cinema Timeline: Tailored to your unique project specifications, our timeline provides a well-structured outline delineating the chronological order of events, punctuated by precise start and stop times, thus facilitating coordination and execution.

 The Work 

This phase encompasses the collaborative and artistic elements of bringing a project to life including shooting and managing the logistical aspects of the production process.


Maverick Crew: Drawing from over a decade of collective experience, the Cinema-Styles team embodies a seasoned ensemble, harmoniously collaborating on projects, ensuring a dynamic synergy and a wealth of expertise. Equipment Set Up: Each facet of the day's activities receives attention as we curate and deploy specialized gear tailored to the unique requirements of every scene, guaranteeing optimal performance and fidelity to your creative vision. 6K Cinema: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our utilization of Full Frame 6K resolution facilitates the capture of exceptionally crisp imagery, affording unparalleled flexibility and precision during post-production, empowering innovative shot compositions and visual storytelling. Production Sound: Employing an array of sophisticated recording techniques, including boom microphones, lavaliers, and onboard camera audio, we ensure pristine capture of live dialogue, preserving the authenticity and clarity of performances. Data Management: Our comprehensive data management protocol encompasses the safeguarding of invaluable assets for seamless future edits, guaranteeing the integrity and accessibility of your project's digital footprint. Shot List Verification: A steadfast adherence to the crafted Project Timeline remains paramount, maximizing execution as we continuously reference and verify shot lists against the finalized schedule, ensuring alignment with project objectives and the creative vision. Lighting: The deliberate and artistic use of light to create mood, atmosphere, and visual storytelling. It involves carefully crafting and manipulating light sources to evoke specific emotions, highlight characters or objects, and establish the desired tone for a scene or overall film.

 The Magic 

Emphasizes the refining and completion aspects of filmmaking including editing, sound design, visual effects, and all the elements that contribute to the final polished version of the project.


Data Ingestion: Streamlining the process of incorporating data into our systems, enabling swift access and storage within designated databases for immediate utilization or future reference. File Management: Implementing a systematic approach to file organization, categorizing assets into distinct folders such as copy, master, and archive, ensuring efficient retrieval, version control, and preservation of critical project resources. Footage Review: Scrutiny of captured footage through iterative assessments, methodically selecting optimal shots to achieve narrative cohesion for visual and cinematic excellence. Editorial Cut: Employing an editorial process to assemble disparate takes into unified sequences, crafting a compelling narrative structure that resonates with audiences and underscores the thematic integrity of the story. Sound Design: Harnessing the power of audio manipulation techniques, we refine and sculpt dialogue, sound effects, and custom-composed audio recordings, fostering immersive auditory experiences that enrich and amplify the storytelling canvas. Personal Score: Leveraging licensed production music curated to suit the unique tonal palette of your project, we craft soundtracks that elevate emotional connection enhancing the cinematic journey for audiences. Color Grading: Utilizing advanced color manipulation tools of DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Lumetri, to color match, refine and enhance visual aesthetics, optimizing contrast, saturation, color balance, black levels, and white points to imbue scenes with depth, vibrancy, and cinematic allure. Motion Graphics: With the integration of animation and graphic design, we create engaging story elements that enhance visuals and captivate audiences with dynamic synergy. Visual Effects: Utilizing live-action footage with special effects, we infuse projects with visual enhancements that enrich the viewer experience and amplify project appeal. Title and Credits: Personalized opening and closing titles, as well as credits sequences, we infuse each production with a distinctive identity that reinforces brand presence while acknowledging creative contributions. Final Cut: Attention to detail, we implement critical refinements to ensure adherence to industry-leading quality standards, guaranteeing that each project achieves a polished, professional finish. Digital Export Management: Facilitating playback across various digital platforms, we optimize export settings to ensure compatibility for theatrical releases, broadcast television, and internet streaming services, enabling premiere accessibility and engagement with your cinematic creations.




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5R Productions
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" You're the best shooter we have. You shoot our biggest interviews."

DJ Vlad / Vlad TV

That's the most scenes I've ever shot in a day. You're the real deal. "

Ronnel Parham / 5R Productions

" Thank you for your beautiful, honest, and respectful work. "

Shawn "Slim" Stockman / Boyz II Men 


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