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The Dawn of a New Era. Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic, but this is my first official blog ever, and I'm not apologizing. What would have been a better lead off anyway? Think about it. Think... mmm.. hmm, exactly. As I was writing; it is the dawn of a new era for both my business and my life.

I must confess, I don't follow many blogs. I find them boring. The ones I check regularly are informative, so I guess they accomplish their goals, but that won't be The Blog at Cinema-Styles (official title). I want this to be filled with unique and honest commentary from a creative perspective. I want video on this blog, audio on this blog, and photos on this blog. I want the words written here to speak and move someone. I want someone to write words back that speak and move me. This is my passion, this is my hustle, this is personal.

I'm creating The Blog at Cinema-Styles to highlight some of the work I've had the fortune to be a contributor to. It's truly a sign of the utmost faith and respect when one says, yes, and hires you to help them produce their vision. It is a responsibility that no true professional takes lightly. As a filmmaker, I'm often the teller of other peoples tales. Yet, as I type these words, while listening to The Fugees classic The Score, I know in the pit of my soul that I'm going to be my authentic self. In many ways, this blog will chronicle the life and times of I. My name is Ron Saunders Jr. and I'm from New York.

- Ron

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