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Not a statue... But it's a start!

A man of passion, brimming with confidence strides across the outdoor quad of Trenton and Princeton's, Mercer County Community College. A gaggle of underclassman struggle to keep pace while predictions of legend are spewn, "I'm telling day". Ron Saunders Jr, General Manager and #1 Radio DJ of the college radio station cryptically exclaims. He pauses from striding and the small crowd of followers collide to a stop like dominoes. In a hushed voice 3 levels lower than a whisper, the voice of the people spoke, "One day, there will be a statue." The sound of a dozen pencils scribbling in unison fills the air.

I have a flare for the dramatic! lol All jokes aside, the place that served as my training ground for artistic growth, Mercer County Community College has honored me in a major way. Wendy Humphrey penned a fantastic article on their website that talks about my journey at the school and how I have taken what I learned to birth Cinema-Styles. This is indeed a Special Alumni tribute and I am truly humbled beyond words, but I'm still looking to manifest that statue! You can check out the article they produced on my experiences at MCCC here.

It can be fun and embarrassing to look at how far we've come so I thought it would be interesting to share some of my finer college work. Check out these gems and feel free to rip them apart in the comments!

Before Cinema-Styles I was DJ Strong Arm Ron

DJ Strong Arm Ron

The "Run Dat" radio Show

WWFM Radio Mercer County NJ, Viking 89.1 FM

The Beginning of Cinema-Styles

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