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The Williams Wedding at Chart House Redondo Beach, California

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The Couple:

Tyrone & Sha'Rhonda Williams

Tyrone and Sha'Rhonda are a couple unapologetically in love. To be around them is to be enraptured by a lover's passion and all it's infectious powers. Tyrone is charming, protective and genuine. Sha'Rhonda is 1st class all the way, she packages style, grace and beauty effortlessly. Together they represent classic love in the digital age of left & right swipes. Mr & Mrs Williams chose to host their wedding extravaganza appropriately at the Chart House in Redondo Beach, California. I was a bit skeptical at first, the sun and surf while beautiful are problematic cinematically. However, true love holds power over the universe and the day was perfection.

The Night Before the Wedding

Venue: El Torito Cantina Autentica, Redondo Beach, California

I truly enjoy when my couples take their second day of coverage and use it on something fun. Ty & Sha' invited their wedding party to the El Torito Cantina on the Redondo beach pier for a paint and sip event. A wedding is one of the biggest days in a persons life and there is no doubt it brings some level of anxiety. However, when you host an activity the way they did, you have time to enjoy the members of your wedding party and unwind before you all take a serious walk down a long aisle.

The Life of Pablo.

Wedding Day

Morning Prep Venue: Hilton Homewood Suites

Not to be be to obvious but every wedding day begins with waking up. The Willams chose Hilton's Homewood Suites to get started and it was a good decision because we had access to both bride and groom without having to travel. When you plan a wedding a great pro tip is to keep it simple so your guest and vendors can serve you best!

One scene I really enjoyed editing in this movie, was that of the bride and groom preps. I took some shots and audio I had previously recorded with them and worked it into the film. I thought this was important for a few reasons: (1) It was sentimental to the couple because they were married on the anniversary of the day the met. (2) Their officiant referenced their unique first meeting in his ceremony and I wanted to connect that back-story to audiences.

I used a warm / faded color wash to communicate that we went back in time.

Got Her!

The Wedding

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Chart House in Redondo Beach, California

Nothing can prepare you for facing a bride as she begins her walk and so I don't. This is where I differ from my contemporary wedding filmmakers. I choose to get lost at this time of the day, I understand that things will not stick to the script. Experience has taught me that what helps produce the most beautiful imagery possible, is to ride the wave and follow the action as it unfolds.

Well received.

Put a ring on it!

The Williams Wedding Reception at Chart House Redondo Beach, California

Ready to make an entrance.

A quiet moment in the midst of it all.

Dance for him ladies!

And now our feature presentation.

Time to Press Play!

The Washington Wedding Team

Video Production - Cinema-Styles

Ceremony Venue - Chart House

Reception Venue - Chart House

Wedding Dress - Winnie Couture

Bridal Shoes - Steve Madden

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